Samhain Public Witch Ritual 2014

Bats forming two X's in front of an orange Full Moon
Full Circle:Coven Oldenwilde's 20th Annual Public Samhain Witch Ritual in West Asheville's French Broad River Park on Fri., Oct. 31, 2014, 8-10 pm — will mark the modern rarity of twenty years of appeasing restless spirits. So return, past participants — and boldly go those who’ve never been before!

Police videotaping

Police videotaping revealed — Actual police video of Samhain 1996 and activist video of police videotaping cannabis activists in Asheville City Council meeting, 1998, released here for the first time. See articles about our video release: Asheville Citizen-Times, “Wiccans release internal police video of … Continue reading

Q&A with

Q&A with Witch Clergy Lady Passion and *Diuvei — Lady Passion and *Diuvei answer questions asked by Bold Life Magazine writer Tom Kerr in this unabridged interview: I am excited that your book is still going strong after all these years. Did you expect it to be so popular? … Continue reading

Pagan & Wiccan Prisoner Advocacy

Map of US prisons with Pagan and Wiccan inmates Book cover of Pagan Prisoner Advocate's Guide by Lady Passion
We've enabled persecuted Pagans & Wiccans in prisons and mental institutions to win their religious rights for almost two decades. Learn why we aid this vulnerable segment of the Craft community; view an interactive map of U.S. prisons with Pagan/Wiccan inmates; and see a gallery of artwork by grateful inmates!

Black Ribbon Campaign

Black Ribbon
Unbelievably in this day, many employers, landlords, judges, prisons, relatives, and neighbors think nothing of persecuting Pagans and Wiccans. Resist by joining our Black Ribbon Campaign to win our religious freedoms! Pentacle, End PERSECUTION of PAGANS, Black Ribbon

The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems

Read our celebrated book about magic, metaphysics, love spells & other real spells that work:
The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems
Lady Passion & *Diuvei, Coven Oldenwilde (Sterling)

New expanded second edition now in bookstores!

Our Public Rituals

Bats forming two X's in front of an orange Full Moon 8 pm sharp, be there or beware!

Asheville's 20th Annual Free Public Witch Ritual on Samhain (Halloween): Full Circle

20th Samhain Public Witch Ritual

Orange-lit pumpkin carved as witch flying on broom Blue inverse of pumpkin carved as witch flying on broom

Nearly two decades of Free Public Witch Rituals in Western North Carolina:
Every Halloween since 1995, ever more Pagans from all across the Southeastern U.S. have gathered in Asheville to dance, divine, and have a wondrous time!

Goddess and God handfasting in front of rainbow burst, 2012 Samhain Halloween Witch Ritual in Asheville, NC. Image by Lady Passion.


Witches on the air

Watch, listen to, and read some of our many lively media interviews
and learn about Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, magic, peace activism & more:

TV, Radio, Video & Audio Interviews & Appearances

  • *Diuvei was interviewed by Barry Summers on about local law-enforcement and government reform on Aug. 18, 2014:
    • Making Progress: News for a Change

      • Asheville's Planning and Zoning Commission — now up for a possible membership turnover — is the most powerful appointed board in city government, with more potential to affect the quality of your life than even City Council. But you in turn can affect them more than you may know, even if you're not a wealthy developer, asserts community activist and Making Progress guest co-host Steve Rasmussen.
      • Following co-host David Lynch's review of the current nationwide police-militarization trend, David, Steve, and Barry recall the days when they first met and worked together — March 19th, 2003. We were all protesting the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, and Steve, Barry, Lady Passion, and 30 other peaceful protesters were arrested by the Asheville Police Dept. in an action which caused outrage and controversy. It was also the beginning of the organization Asheville Justice Watch. Along with many other local activists, we worked to try to create a Citizen Review Board for the APD.
      • Video of the 2003 Asheville Iraq War protest and arrests by Shane Perlowin.
      • Asheville Justice Watch 2005 report on APD
      • See more links on plice militarization at Making Progress: News for a Change program page
  • Logo of GOCC *Diuvei was interviewed by Elder Rawchaa & Brother Gaja of the Gathering of Christ Church on "Search Engine International", Sept. 19 & 26, 2012.
    • 1: Pagan origins of, influence on Judaism, Christianity, Islam

      Members of the Gathering of Christ Church, an international Black Hebrew church, believe modern Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are built mainly on stolen Pagan rituals, myths, symbols, and practices. To confirm this, they sought *Diuvei's expertise as a Pagan Priest. He answers a wide range of questions they and callers from around the world asked about Pagan and Wiccan history, symbols, and beliefs and about magic, spells, and the Pagan Gods in this riveting 4-hour MP3.

    • 2: Paganism's differences with Bible-based monotheism

      GOCC members called and emailed in so many questions for *Diuvei that he agreed to answer them in a second interview — which proved more contentious than the first. The Witch and the church elders debate their strongly different stands on homosexuality, sex, idolatry, the validity of the Bible, whether child sacrifice and orgies are real, the rituals of rich & powerful at the Bohemian Grove, and much more in this 4-hour MP3.

  • Lady Passion was interviewed by Tara Miller on Aug. 31, 2012. Here are the questions covered and an MP3 recording of the interview:
    • Clandestine: Witch Secrets and Mysteries

      • The world's first religion was Paganism, which is why adherents call it "the Olde Religion." How was magic forced underground?
      • In one traditional Book of Shadows, Witches are called "the Hidden Children." Is a history of persecution the reason why many feel compelled to keep their magic secret?
      • Versions of old Craft "laws" posted online also urge Pagans to deny their identity. Times have changed since they were written down. So what should Witches keep secret today, and why?
      • Proof of magic's antiquity and continual popularity abounds. For instance, the Vatican confiscated thousands of magic books over the centuries. So how does Craft secrecy encourage some writers and detractors to label Wicca modern, a neo-Pagan invention of the 1950s?
      • Despite millennia of persecuting heathens — and contrary to their assertion — monotheists (Christians, Jews, and Muslims) not only don't dominate the planet, they're loosing believers in droves. Factoring billions of Hindus, polytheists outnumber monotheists around the globe — so how are they reacting to this?
      • As of this year, Paganism is believed to be the 3rd largest religion in the U.S., U.K., and elsewhere. How do people and the planet benefit from Witches being public?
  • Symbols of many faiths encircle the Earth"UNCA Interfaith Dialogue: Is Religion Relevant?": Lady Passion & *Diuvei participated in a lively panel discussion of this question with local representatives of many faiths before a standing-room-only crowd at UNC-Asheville on Nov. 17, 2011.
  • Joshua Warren interviews Lady Passion and *Diuvei on Speaking of StrangeLady Passion & *Diuvei were interviewed by paranormal investigator Joshua Warren on his top-rated WWNC 570 AM radio call-in show "Speaking of Strange" on Saturday, Dec. 4, 2010.
  • Fox Carolina News Special Report: The Witches of Western North CarolinaFox Carolina News Special Report: The Witches of Western North Carolina
    was a beautifully filmed lead story featuring Coven Oldenwilde, Lady Passion & *Diuvei, and visiting students from Brevard College's religious studies class participating in our fire-leaping Ostara ritual for spring equinox in 2010.
    To view: Download .zip file, uncompress it, and follow READ_ME.txt instructions.

Print Interviews

Film/Record/Interview Real Witches!

movie-clapboard animation Coven Oldenwilde often works magic on camera. And as experienced, published, & outspoken experts on Wicca, Witchcraft, & Paganism, Lady Passion and *Diuvei are popular media subjects.
Find out more (including some suggested topics and questions), or contact Lady Passion and *Diuvei.

Oldenworks Witchcraft e-Store

Coven Oldenwilde's online store: Learn magic & spellcasting, explore Pagan & Wiccan spirituality, inspire the Witch within through our ever-expanding offerings of e-books, audio & video tutorials, and more.
Oldenworks Witchcraft eStore

Our Wiccan Wins

"Save the Tree"
Coven Oldenwilde's Magnolia Tree Chronicle
Twin Trees Asheville's forerunner of Occupy Wall Street
Protest Art Gallery Archive
Anti-divination law repealed. We won! North Carolina General Statute 14-401.5 banning clairvoyance and fortunetelling is no more. On Samhain 2004, we publicly burned it. Find out more about how our state's Witches and the ACLU together beat this bad law.
  • Pictures and information about North Carolina Witches' and Pagans' protest against the antiquated state law against palmistry and divination that N. C. police used to arrest psychics and shut down metaphysical bookstores. See how we got this unconstitutional law repealed!
How to Win Wiccan Religious Freedoms: Advice for Pagan parents, schoolchildren, renters, employees, military personnel, and prisoners who are experiencing religious persecution.
  • Compelling the Virginia state prison system to allow inmates tarot cards is indicative of our ongoing international work. Read "The Bliss of Besting Bigots" by Lady Passion.
Map of US prisons with Pagan and Wiccan inmates Pagans Behind the Iron Veil by Cirnunnoz S. Cian, HP WCFA-CCA 'Elemental Chamber of Enchantments'
We've been helping persecuted Pagans & Wiccans in prisons and mental institutions win their religious rights and pursue a magical path since 1995. Each year, Lady Passion answers hundreds of aid and information requests from inmates, relatives, chaplains, and officials.
Lingua Arcana spell words movie still
The Magic Lesson Bigots Tried to Censor: The preview on Coven Oldenwilde's YouTube channel of our instructional video, "Lingua Arcana: How to Pronounce Magical Barbarous Words of Power," is apparently so potent that an anonymous Witch-hater flagged it as objectionable, causing Google's search engine to label our channel "potentially offensive"The full warning: "The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised.". Shortly after we spoke out on WLOS-TV primetime news, Google removed the prejudiced warning.

Join the Black Ribbon Campaign to end religious persecution:

  • How to Win Wiccan Rights — Learn how to beat anti-Witch bigots who are trying to convert you, harass you, punish you, fire you, evict you, seize your children, etc. simply because you are an open Pagan employee, parent, prisoner, student, etc.
  • Institutional Prejudice Against Witches Denies Religious Freedom — Our commentary on the modern methods that public institutions and officials use to discriminate against Wiccans and Pagans.
  • It's Illegal to Disrupt a Ritual— Fundamentalist protestors who shout, pray, sing psalms, proselytize, or harass people attending at a Pagan or Wiccan religious event are breaking the law and can be arrested.
Coven Oldenwilde T-shirt logo of Wiccan symbols

Witches at Bele Chere (the largest annual street festival in the Southeastern U.S., held in late July):

Counseling & Guidance

Do you have a pressing problem? Consult directly with Lady Passion for magical advice and counseling.
Lady Passion is a highly skilled diviner, psychic, and herbalist; she is also an R.N., with extensive experience in both physical and psychological medical care.
Multi-colored palmistry hand for free online divination
Lady Passion's Prophecies:
Get a free online divination.

More Writings

Cover of Oracle 20/20, Sept 2008
Lady Passion
Play music
Listen to part of the Oldenwilde chant, written & sung by Lady Passion, accompanied by *Diuvei.

America's Pagan Heritage: No, America is NOT a "Christian nation"!

"America's Pagan Heritage" is one of's most popular sections. Learn why the U.S. has so many Pagan patriotic symbols and what they mean — flag pentagrams, liberty goddesses, courthouse temples, &c. — how surprisingly Pagan the Founders were, why Wiccans are activists, more.
Are you a student, an educator, or a life-long learner? Read *Diuvei's essay on the quadrivium, the millenia-old "four-way crossroads" of arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomy through which all other disciplines are interconnected — and the origin of liberal-arts education. (Also explored in The Goodly Spellbook.)

More of What Coven Oldenwilde Does

Coven Oldenwilde's covenstead (pictured at right) is certified as Backyard Wildlife Habitat site no. 46961.
To find out how to make your yard a wildlife habitat, visit the National Wildlife Federation.

See Coven Oldenwilde's listing in the Resources Guide (p. 523 & 596) in Margot Adler's revised edition of Drawing Down the Moon.

Wiccan Warnings

Tarot Fool

Free Gift

FREE Witchy desktop/screen saver!
Download this sun-spangled Avebury standing-stone pic featuring a natural central spiral.

 chalice with star
Coven Oldenwilde

About Coven Oldenwilde

Merry Meet!

Coven Oldenwilde was founded on Samhain, 1994, and meets in Asheville, North Carolina, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are a group of Witches who use ancient magical principles for the betterment of life, the continuance of the Universe, and the glorification of the Gods.

Such principles are based on the wisdom of the Wiccan Rede "An it harm none, do what ye will" and upheld by the observance of the traditional Wiccan Laws.

Members of Oldenwilde specialize in different magical talents, contributing to rituals elements such as spells, chants, songs and dances.
Though we believe in many Gods, we especially esteem the Lady of the night, Hecate, and the Lord of the hunt, Herne.

Appreciative of its scope, we work with time, using prophecy and divination, astral planes and past-life regression both to learn from history and to be forewarned of the future. We show our reverence for time by conducting magical working meetings (circles) in accordance with the cycles of the Moon and Sun.

In consideration of life and time, we celebrate the seasonal sacred days of:

When the year is complete, we begin the cycle anew.

Our coven works independently of our students, who perfect their magical knowledge and talents before possible inclusion.

Oldenwilde does magic with the Wiccan community at large through the year and as needed.

We empower our circles with support from the elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and layers of correspondences (complementary enhancers) such as color, music, candlelight or moonlight, incenses, and oils for specific occasions.

We honor and hold these rites of passage for our members and others:

We acknowledge our members' spiritual growth in three ceremonies:

Initiation into the Craft following a minimum of a year and a day's study of basic Wiccan magic.
degree Elevation/recognition for deeper mastery of Wicca and contribution to the Craft, Coven, or Community using a personal Path talent.
degree Elevation/autonomy granted for total mastery of a multitude of magical arts and contribution to the Craft, Coven, and Community.

As priests and priestesses, we aid our members and others with knowledge of herbal medicine and alternative healing techniques, fertility issues, and spells as necessary.

Seekers or interested Witches are encouraged to e-mail us about opportunities to attend Oldenwilde public rites, or to find out how to begin studying traditional Wicca.

Oldenwilde Traditional Wiccan Coven is a 501(c)(3) Religious Non-Profit with the same rights and responsibilities as a church, lodge, mosque, synagogue, or temple.

Confirm Coven Oldenwilde's non-profit certification by North Carolina Secretary of State:
PDFState-issued certificate (.PDF) | documentCover letter (.JPG) | View certificate online | Verify (number: C201230300401)
Please note: Donations and gifts are non-refundable.

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