Oldenworks Online Witchcraft Shoppe

Oldenworks Online Shoppe
Our newly expanded online Witchcraft store offers magical products; books on Witchcraft we review, rate, & recommend for or against; rune sets; and more than 100 recommended Tarot-card decks.

Pagan & Wiccan Prisoner Advocacy

Map of US prisons with Pagan and Wiccan inmates Book cover of Pagan Prisoner Advocate's Guide by Lady Passion
We've enabled persecuted Pagans & Wiccans in prisons and mental institutions to win their religious rights for almost two decades. Learn why we aid this vulnerable segment of the Craft community; view an interactive map of U.S. prisons with Pagan/Wiccan inmates; and see a gallery of artwork by grateful inmates!

Real Witchcraft Book Series

Learn and practice essential skills of magic with our series of companion books to The Goodly Spellbook.


The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems

Read our celebrated book about magic, metaphysics, love spells & other real spells that work:
The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems
Lady Passion & *Diuvei, Coven Oldenwilde (Sterling)

New expanded second edition now in bookstores!

L'edizione italiana:


Oldenworks Online Shoppe

Buy Witchcraft magical products, books & rune sets, and Tarot-card decks through our online shoppe and help Coven Oldenwilde serve needy Pagans worldwide:

Oldenworks Witchcraft Products

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Learn powerful Witchcraft spell skills with the help of our special collection of unique magical products created or designed by Lady Passion and *Diuvei, at

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Don’t waste money or time — mind what you put in your mind! Order THE BEST magic, paranormal, nature, herbal, etc. books, each one reviewed and rated by Lady Passion, at Click below to see their categories:

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