Coven Oldenwilde’s Media Experience


September 2005 - Authors Lady Passion & *Diuvei release their book The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Times (published by Sterling Publishing, Park Ave. NY, NY and internationally distributed by Barnes & Noble)
April 2005 - Trafford Media Productions (England/L. A.) filmed Lady Passion, *Diuvei, and their Coven working magic with an immigrant family from Kashmir for a documentary titled Finding America
April 2005 - Entrepreneur$: The Reality Show thanked Lady Passion for participating in their on-line Opt-In Challenge
April 2005 - 880 The Revolution Virato Live! 2-hour radio show interviewing Lady Passion about magical and medicinal plants
December 2004 - WCQS call-in radio show Evening Rounds featured Lady Passion talking about medicinal marijuana
October 2004 - UNC-TV series Mountain Views segment of Lady Passion & *Diuvei explaining Witchcraft
June 2003 - A. Smith & Company (Los Angeles) filmed Lady Passion at Universal Studios (interview for the Sci-Fi series Mad, Mad House)
October 1995 - Extra! filmed Lady Passion and *Diuvei conducting Asheville’s 1st Free Public Witch Ritual; Fox, CNN, NPR coverage of event
1995 to present - Channel 13 WLOS and innumerable other local news organizations routinely interview and film Lady Passion and *Diuvei about magical matters and their activism, and annually cover their public Samhain rituals

Lady Passion and *Diuvei have individually and collectively done an untold number of live local and national radio interviews

Lady Passion and *Diuvei have individually and collectively authroed many aricles and Commentaries about religious and social issues for area newspapers

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Latest update: 23 July 2005