Elemental Divination

Handout for a class Lady Passion gave on Saturday, Feb. 26, 2005.

Elemental Divination

By Lady Passion, HPS, Coven Oldenwilde

To "divine" is to ask the Universe, a God/dess, or your Ancestors about future events, then interpreting the answer. There are thousands of traditional ways to predict the future, and Witches can "divine" using almost anything.

To properly interpret, you should understand the magical Art of Correspondences. Every thing is composed either of Fire, Air, Water, or Earth, or of a mixture of the Elements; this explains how things behave. Also learn the meanings of symbols — e.g. a circle with a slash mark in its center means "no".


Rhapsodomancy (interpreting the meaning of randomly read passages of poetry or song lyrics; may use a radio for this if desired)

Livanomancy (interpreting the meaning of the symbol produced by frankincense smoke)

TRY-AT-HOME OPTION: Nephelomancy (interpreting the meaning of cloud pictures and the direction in which they move)


Alomancy (throwing salt into a fire, then interpreting its behavior -- is it silent or does it crackle? -- and the meaning of any symbols you see in its flames)

Spodomancy (interpreting the meaning of the symbols produced by dried Mugwort stalks popping out of a fire; an oblong = a "coffin" & death; an oval = a "cradle" & pregnancy; a round = a "purse" & coming $; a "heart" = future love)


Ceromancy (interpreting the meaning of the symbol produced by dripping red wax in cold water)

Dendromancy (floating 2 acorns in water; if they unite and touch = true love, eventual union; if they float apart = dating not recommended)

Oenomancy (interpreting the meaning of the symbol produced from spilt wine)

TRY-AT-HOME OPTIONS: Ovamancy (interpreting the meaning of the symbol produced by dropping an egg white in water; often used to determine the sex of a fetus)

Margaritomancy (place charmed pearls beneath an upside-down cauldron; if pearls bounce up when a suspect approaches or touches the bottom of the pot, they’re a thief or lying)


Geomancy [A modern form of] (interpreting the symbol produced when you throw stones or bones, then "connect the dots" between them)

TRY-AT-HOME OPTION: Botanomancy (interpreting the meaning of the symbol produced by ashes after you burn [mountain]laurel leaves)


Divination is now legal in North Carolina.
Find out how Wiccans overturned the discriminatory law forbidding it.

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