Magical Healing Techniques

by Lady Passion


Traditionally, healing was the Power to Bless of shamans, cunning men and village witch-midwives; they knew the minute, healthy details of their environment, and used their wisdom to ensure their tribe's survival, by and of the land. They explained the past, fixed the present, and prepared their people for the future. They birthed the babies, prophesied their destiny, assisted them when sick throughout their lives, and ultimately, conducted their death rites. They blessed crops and wells, flocks and cattle, tending to animals and people alike. They weatherworked...anything to promote and assist life. They battled with the astral tribal spirits, placating and opposing the tides of negativity of the group collective conscious. They healed in countless ways.



Mental/Emotional (Counseling)
Attentive listening, validation, divination, confrontation, illumination = enlightenment and transformation
Traditional incantation:
This is the spell that I intone: flesh to flesh, bone to bone, sinew to sinew, vein to vein, and ________ is made whole again.


Touch (taking the "fire" out)

  1. Massage -- all purpose
  2. Tantric -- sexual/emotional

Music ("soothes the savage beast")

  1. Modes -- different types spawn different moods
  2. Rhythm -- different kinds cause different energies
  3. Lyrics -- Certain words create different effects


  1. Receptive -- anything used to locate or diagnose a problem
    Ex: pendulum, hands, shew stone, crystals, divinatory equipment and psychism
  2. Projective -- anything used to cure an illness
    Ex: herbalism, spells, charms, talismans, amulets, hands, wands, mojos, sachets, potions, brews, crystals, sigils, "voodoo" dolls, psychic defense, counseling techniques, dances and Cone of Power raising

Sympathetic magic ("like attracts like")

Ex.: Object or body parts of sick person (urine, hair, nail clippings, picture, sweat-soaked clothes, baby teeth) are chanted over, doused with water (breaks fever), burned, buried or hopelessly scattered in the winds (to prevent relapse). Scientific equivalent: Homeopathy and allergy therapy

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