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Oldenwilde Wiccan Teaching Materials

"You, sir, are a pagan!"
"A heathen, conceivably; but not, I hope, an unenlightened one."
-- Lord Summerisle, in "The Wickerman"

In this section you will find some basic, non-oathbound selections from the ever-growing body of materials we have written for classes and workshops, as well as a bibliography of recommended books. We have also included the curriculum of classes we have used very successfully to teach students in their first year and a day of study. If you are an HP or HPs yourself, you may find the "Flake Filter" useful. If you are seeking a teacher to study with, we strongly recommend you read the Posers and Pellars Alert.

Table of Contents

Oldenwilde's Recommended Wiccan Reading List
Oldenwilde First-Year Curriculum
The Magical Art of Correspondences
Elemental Pentagrams
Elemental Divination
Magical Healing Techniques
Wiccan Psychism
Kitchen Witchery
A Musical Cipher
The Flake Filter
Posers and Pellars Alert

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