Reviews of

The Goodly Spellbook:
Olde Spells for Modern Problems
(Il Libro degli Incantesimi)

by Lady Passion (Dixie Deerman)
& *Diuvei (Steven Rasmussen)

© 2005 (1st ed.), 2014 (2nd ed.)

Sterling Publishing, New York, NY

"If books are, as Stephen King has said, 'uniquely portable magic,' this book is doubly spellbinding ..."

"This book resounds with the tribal-shamanistic heartbeat of the world at large ..."

The Goodly Spellbook is changing people’s lives, as is clear from the hundreds of unsolicited e-mails we’ve received worldwide since our book’s publication.

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The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems

The Goodly Spellbook 1st-edition cover (2005-2014)

The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems eBook for Nook app or devices

The Goodly Spellbook eBook for Nook app or devices

Reviewers' praise

Barnes & Noble Editors Review:

If books are, as Stephen King has said, "uniquely portable magic," this book is doubly spellbinding.

Coauthors Lady Passion and *Diuvei vowed to apply the ancient art of spell casting to contemporary needs, and The Goodly Spellbook fulfills that promise.

The 400-plus pages offer an impressive compendium of practical magic, covering a host of subjects, including geomancy; divination; elemental scrying; charms and chants to help and heal; glyphs and runes; mystic dance and drumming; kitchen Witchery; and more.

Publisher's Weekly Review

The authors, Gardernian witches who are co-founders of Coven Oldenwilde, offer hundreds of spell recipes for healing, protection, discernment, concealment, repulsion of evil, and attraction of good (not just romance, but also prosperity, fertility and wisdom).

Before they get to the spells, however, they lay a solid foundation for practice with an introductory essay on the history of spellcraft, followed by short sections on practical matters like gathering ingredients, creating a magical atmosphere, and living ethically. They also delve into specific magical techniques, such as geomancy, chanting, and kitchen witchery.

Beginners will appreciate hands-on chapters like "How to Know You're Doing Spells Properly"–successful spells, the authors say, often make the caster's ears ring and spark an "inner tingling." The spells themselves are presented in a straightforward, clear manner, with specifics on the best times to cast them, the necessary ingredients, and the right deity to invoke.

Well-organized and comprehensively indexed, this reference book will be useful for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. (Nov. 2005)

Azure-Green Review:

Spellcrafting is an ancient art that has practical applications today because it addresses such timeless desires as love, health, and prosperity.

Now Lady Passion and *Diuvei, two practicing, highly regarded witches, not only trace the history of magic, but also teach you how to create spells for your own needs and circumstances.

Not your average mystical tome, this book relies on ancient tried-and-true material as well as on the authors` real-life experiences and anecdotes. The information is divided into three sections : one that details global Craft history, another that teaches hands-on magical techniques, and a third that provides hundreds of ancient and modern spells.

Taken from a wide range of sources, these spells will help you avoid insomnia, cure headaches, prevent rumors, find your soul mate, resolve dilemmas, and more.

Complete with beautiful woodcuts, lovely live drawings, and helpful diagrams, The Goodly Spellbook is both a practical handbook and a fascinating read.

Marcianne Miller, Rapid River Art Magazine Reviewer:

[The Goodly Spellbook] is a gorgeous book, beautifully written and illustrated, and at 475 pages, the most comprehensive and practical book ever on the old-new art of spellcrafting.

One Spirit Book Club Reviews:

If you’ve often wondered about the meanings behind wishing on stars or bidding the rain to "come again another day," The Goodly Spellbook explains the history of these common musings and guides you on how to create and cast your own spells.

Known as High Priestess Lady Passion and High Priest Diuvei of Coven Oldenwilde, authors Dixie Deerman and Steve Rasmussen share their years of wisdom in a simple, easy-to-understand, illustrated reference including:

• The history of Spellcraft, the secrets of why spells work, and the ethics of daily practice

• The principles and techniques of magic, such as numerology, divination, and chanting

• Over 100 spells, including how to break a fever, ensure a safe journey, promote wellness, and communicate with spirits

"History demonstrates that magic’s efficacy is open to anyone who is inclined to use it," so if you’re just beginning to explore the Craft or have been a longtime practitioner, The Goodly Spellbook is a comprehensive tool for filling your life with a variety of hands-on, practical magic.

Oh my Goddess and God!!!

Thank you so much for such an informative book that has teachers that really are good at explaining things.

I have a lot of Wiccan books (I did say alot, right?).

You will enjoy this book and the history [section].

I am reading it page to page and [am] about to get my highlighter out.

Do not be afraid to order this book.

I got it from the library first and HAD to buy it.


BETH J., Dec 8, 2005

Strange New Products Review:

Would you like a spell to make people visit your website?

How about a spell to relieve computer eye strain?

Or how about spell to prevent your phone from being tapped?

Now, you can learn how to cast these spells and others with the new book, The Goodly Spellbook.

The book, authored by two actual witches, Lady Passion (Dixie Deerman) and *Diuvei (Steven Rasmussen), provides "Olde Spells for Modern Problems".

In fact, there's a spell to prevent car accidents, and a spell to get a better job, as well as a spell to silence an incessant talker (I could use that one!) Customer Reviews

5 stars:

Sometimes, rarely, a classic can be recognized from the moment is published. The Goodly Spellbook, like The Art of French Cooking or The Elements of Style is such a work.

As Julia Child did in the former, Lady Passion and *Diuvei organize, consolidate and instruct without condescension. And like Elements’ author Strunk, they take refinement of the written language to a pleasurable max.

The result is a readable compendium of the dustiest, rarest and hardest-to-fathom old books. It’s an instruction manual that takes readers from spellcraft 101 to the outline for their graduate course. And it’s a cookbook that can be followed by anyone with a few tools and the daring to try.

Goodly’s clear tables and copious footnotes make it an excellent reference for fast look-ups and an index to the old classic works. It’s introduction to magical principles – the first half of the book – makes basic [Craft] principles clear to any novice, yet covers a breadth that will abash most initiates.

Sections like the correspondences of planets to musical modes and specific sounds make accessible layers of power previously unknown to all but a few.

Goodly’s second part is stuffed with historic recipes enhanced by long use, and new spells adapted from time-tested charms. Annotated with shopping lists and “why it works” explanations, it’s perfect for browsers-of-oddities as well and the I-know-it-alls who read books from the back page to the front.

For most readers interested in magic, this single title will replace an entire shelf of difficult-to-read, rambling tomes. The rest – esoteric wizards and fanatic bibliophiles – will buy it to be sure their collection is complete.

Sabra Stein, “Truth Speaker”

5 stars:

Totally Comprehensive Guide, October 3, 2005

This book will give any practitioner a complete and accessible philosophy from which to practise magic. Can be a great addition for teachers, beginners, solitaires, and elders. Even for fluent practioners, this book neatly ties together all the philosophy and logic behind spellcrafting and presents it once by itself in a separate section, then reiterates the correspondances with each spell the book presents.

This book resounds with the tribal-shamanistic heartbeat of the world at large.

Lady Damiana (Asheville, NC) [unknown to Oldenwilde]

5 stars:

First off, I've got to say this: this book is beautiful!

This book is exploding with spellcraft wisdom and I think that any spellcaster could find something of interest inside.

Besides looking beautiful on the inside, this book is also written beautifully. These authors have a way with words! Although the title has "spellbook" in it, only half of the book is devoted solely to spells. The other half has various chapters on spellcraft history, correspondences, divination, numbers, chants, magical alphabets, singing, dancing, knot magic, kitchen witchery, making poppets, making amulets and talismans, and much more! There are illustrations throughout that show the steps for the dances, musical notes, and sigils, etc.

The spells themselves are quite interesting as well. Most are taken from ancient sources and made useful for modern Witches. For example, spells range from "To Reveal the Identity of a Thief" to "To Lure People to Your Website."

Personal stories of the spells worked was an added plus. I think that every spellbook should include those.

In conclusion, a wonderful addition to any spellcaster's library!

Ater, Dayton, OH [aged 17]


Joining the collections of many spell collectors is a new book that takes spell casting to a more personal level -- The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells For Modern Problems, by Lady Passion & *Diuvei.

In fact, there has not been a book with greater recognition except for the aging books in our collection from authors such as Pliny, Agrippa, H. P. Lovecraft, and Aliester Crowley.

Following in the footsteps of the greatest spell craft authors of all time, The Goodly Spellbook is loaded with nearly 500 pages of information on spellcraft.

We at Esoteric Wonders are ecstatic about the release of a new book of magic, and already have one on order from The primary reason for our excitement about the book is that a prereleased manuscript mentions several spells that were allegedly written by Dame Alice Kyteler.

We encourage you to get a copy of this new book for your collection. It provides a great insight for modern Witches and newcomers alike.

Readers' praise



Hello, my name is Christa and I can't wait to meet you one day and thank you in person for all you do.

I was raised a [Church of Christ] Christian, and never felt like I fit in, no matter how hard I studied or worked at it. Nothing felt right!

I was at a book store and came across your The Goodly Spellbookand was captivated!

I have two other friends who come over on Saturdays or Sundays and your book is like the freedom we could never find through conventional thinking or the legalistic way we were brought up on.

You are such a gift and we thank you for all your hard work and the love that you put into your life so that others can find their true meaning and the passion that they have longed for.

Thank you, and until we meet (hopefully someday soon) peace be to you and those around you!



I recently bought a copy of The Goodly Spellbook.

I must say it is a fascinating read!

Although I’m a Christian, I’ve always been amazed with Witchcraft and I’ve always secretly hoped that I could be apart of something magical.

I noticed you wrote that people born with lazy eyes tend to be Witches, and I have a lazy eye.

Have a good day and Blessed be,          

Daniel Straughan, Marion, NC

Dear Lady Passion and *Diuvei,

This is Sha Ma -- we met at [your 11th annual free public Witch ritual] last Samhain.

I still have your book and I really enjoy it!

Sha Ma, Philadelphia, PA


I've always said that there's Magick in a well written book. This one proves that doubly!! Not only is it well written and a pleasure to read, it's informative, instructional and inspiring. I had never tried scrying before but after reading the "how to" in this book I was so inspired I decided to give it a try right then and there. I followed the instructions in the book and was awed and amazed at the results. This book will be my "witchy" companion and resource for many, many years to come!!


We've never met, but your Goodly Spellbook came into my possession at the end of my senior year of college, and over the last year and a bit it has certainly served me well. Last night I had the sudden and sincere urge to reach out and personally thank you for writing it. It has a ring of truth to it that few such modern books have, and your comprehensive introduction to various facets of magick has made it an invaluable reference even when working spells and rites from other sources.

I am a musician, actor, playwright, writer, and Tarot reader living in Providence, Rhode Island (HP Lovecraft's olde stomping grounds!).

Peace & Love,
Frater Yochanan

I can't praise your The Goodly Spellbook enough!

What specifically do I like about it?  Let me count the ways :-)

I first saw it in Barnes & Noble and it was right out front.  I thought, Wow! Here in the Bible Belt -- I love it!

I like The Goodly Spellbook because it's the most comprehensive book I've read on the Craft. It has some very simple and practical information, yet there are some very in-depth areas I've had to re-read (the numbers and metaphysics chapters) to grasp the concepts. 

This is a goodly thing because it makes me work at my Craft a little harder and think a little deeper.  There's humor in it, also (Witches Scry over Spilt Milk).

I love the book's design and layout.

I will post my compliments on

I look forward to your next book!

Many Blessings,

Stella Borealis (a.k.a. Vicki Neumann),


I have completed [reading] The Goodly Spellbook and it was the most wonderful book I have ever read.

It was truly inspirational and unlike any other Wiccan book I’ve read, just as you said.

I am very proud to know and live so close to such wonderful people.

Blessed Be,


Your The Goodly Spellbook is a joy and a wonder!

If not for New Witch magazine’s review of it, I'd not have known about it.

New Witch was right: It IS easily worth twice the asking price!

Rebecca Brown, Tennessee, IL

Merry meet,

I found your The Goodly Spellbook to be very honest, forthcoming, and educational for any person who is considering a new path. I found the historical aspects of the book very enlightening and learned quite a lot.

I would suggest to any person who is confused about religion, origins of religion, or how to create a path for themselves to take time to read your book.

I started out with a very worn copy of Scott Cunningham’s The Solitary Practitioner, which a friend loaned me. I since have built a pretty nice library for myself. I guess, your book has really taught me more about the history and aspects of my religion than any book in my library, and so I thank you again for everything you do to make people aware.

Blessed Be,

Karen Suttles, Morganton, NC

I've had an URI for the past couple of days, so I did nothing for two days but sleep, eat and read The Goodly Spellbook. I finished going through the Spells section this morning.

What a book! I was so bowled over to read that Lady Passion had seen Oberon [King of the fairies], and to read that there are spells that I can do to see fairies! It's almost too good to be true!

I wanted to tell you that I LOVED your book and this morning worked the spell to quiet talkative people - but did it on my dog who has been barking incessantly at [construction] workers erecting two new houses across the street. So far this morning, she hasn't barked at them.

Until I read that spell, I was looking into buying one of those collars that supposedly curb barking, but I was reluctant to do it because it might train her not to bark when she should!

With admiration,


I love The Goodly Spellbook, by the way.  It's become one of my all time favorites... one of those that you read over and over again and learn something new each time.

Love, love, love it! Rock on!

I look forward to receiving it [the Oldenwilde Magic DVD that] I ordered off your web site].

Blessed Be,

Shantih, Grand Rapids, Michigan

I received your book and am truly enjoying it.

I had company from Florida for a week, and one of the spells I tried worked immediately, and it was a fun to do, too!!!

I call one of my guests “Yack and Hack” because she loves to hear herself talk. I really wished she would just shut up and leave, so I tried the To Silence An Incessant Talker spell, and it worked immediately -- she kept trying to get her tongue to work right, but she just got up and went home.

 Thank you, thank you.

            Oh! I forgot to mention the part of your The Goodly Spellbook that I found so delightfully surprising!

When one buys a goodly spell book, one expects goodly spells. {But} I did not expect the wonderful history lesson [you gave] with every spell, telling the origin of each spell, giving me a chance to see if the ones that work the best are the ones that originated somewhere along the lines of my heritage.

There is gypsy in my blood.

Jeanne Marlowe, North Carolina

I’m a 29-year-old man happy in my life, but for the past two weeks have been dreaming nothing but magic.

I finally followed my gut instincts and went to the bookstore and decided to buy the first book that called to me, which The Goodly Spellbook did. 

I am halfway through it, and I love reading it!

I am soaking up as much knowledge about the craft as I can before I begin practicing because I want to do it right.

Scott, New York, NY

I love The Goodly Spellbook!

The one word that keeps coming to me concerning the book; VALIDATION!

Thank you for your knowledge.

Jim, Hawaii

I just purchased a copy of The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells For Modern Problems through [the mail order] One Spirit book club.

I love your book.

Already have started to practice some of the spells with materials I have.

Blessed Be,

Cynthia Grove, Nutley, New Jersey


I just had my birthday on Aug 11th, and I received a copy of The Goodly Spellbook.

I just love it!

Thanks so much for putting together such an amazing work.

Blessed be,

Stone, Santa Monica, CA

Excellent Book Wow!!

This book is amazing. It's very easy to follow and the spells in here are so convenient. Very practical.

LUPE H., Jan 30, 2006  

Hello. We really enjoyed your book The Goodly Spellbook.

Really insightful. A job well done in printing [occult] knowledge while omitting things necessary in order to protect our kind and the Craft as a whole.

Your Coven [Oldenwilde] seems very familiar to us and we just thought we would write and say hello.

Gettereks and Raven

I read your The Goodly Spellbook, and it really moved me. I have always been interested in there being ‘something more out there’, and natural healing, etc.. It’s hard to fully express my feelings about TGS, but I just really wanted to thank you for writing it and telling some of us that magic is ok.

I’m very interested in knowing you, and Coven Oldenwilde. I’m a female who lives in Missouri, so you know I love nature.

I would love to hear and learn more from you. Consider me your friend,

Andrea Tryggvason, from Norway

I really have enjoyed your book.

I appreciated your acknowledgement of both poles of duality (blessing and cursing) on page 76 -- it was enlightening and refreshing. I think many authors are afraid to discuss this area.

Your book is very eloquent on the subject and so I don’t believe there will be any misinterpretations.

         Blessed be,


I bought your book at Osondu in Waynesville--I am of a pagan bent myself , and when those Christian ladies went on so about the book I had to see it and when I did--I bought it!


I saw your The Goodly Spellbook in the bookstore and I read some of it in the bookstore.

I like it a lot – there are some interesting things in there!

Hoon, California

I really enjoyed the section on pregnancy. There is so little information out there on the magical aspects of pregnancy and childbirth!

I am due in May and learned a couple of things I didn't know.

Nalaya, founder of an Arizona Coven



Blessings Lady Passion and Diuvei,

I recently found a copy of your book, "The Goodly Spellbook" by Coven Oldenwilde, at my local library. After the allocated loan time I had no wish to return the book, a sign of my reluctance to part with this wonderful information! But, finally I had to, but not before I had actually ordered my own copy and then another for my good friend!

I would like to congratulate you both on this tome of ancient wisdom. The content is balanced and well researched providing a blend of historical data and spellwork that any serious witch can understand and connect with.

I personally value the references to spell origins and theory.

There are many books that waft around the edges of true spellcraft making it fluffy and light and palatable to the masses, but I feel that "The Goodly Spellbook" allows for greater depth and understanding for those that are ready to truly understand the necessity to balance the polarities of good and evil.

I will be encouraging all of my students to get their own copy of this book and to study it well.

I pass on my blessings to you both and to Coven Oldenwilde and wish you great successes in all your future ventures.
Please keep supplying us with information!
I will be eagerly awaiting future books with great anticipation!


Renata Daniel

"Sacred Elements"

Newcastle - Australia


The story behind me getting the first copy of The Goodly Spellbook in England is that a close friend and ex-Coven member frequently works in the US, and while over there had read a magazine review of the book before it was published.

She often keeps me abreast of what is on sale over the pond and not available here yet, as we've had many conversations about the absolutely dire quality of the majority of [Craft fluff books] that appear on the shelves. $ilver Ravenwolf springs to mind ;-)

To cut a long story short, the review was good, and she bought it as soon as it hit the shelves, went back to her hotel, read it through the night, then went back the next day and bought my copy -- sending it to me via Fed Ex. with a note attached that said "READ THIS BOOK AND WEEP!"

When I did read it, I could see why she wrote that, it was the book I wished I had written :-)

I think it is clear, concise, no bullshit and easy to read without dumbing down or patronizing the reader. It also covers the parts that the zillion and 1 Wicca 101 books don't, with clear explanations as to the whys and wherefores.

So for all of these reasons and a few more, it was the book I had been looking for, to recommend to newcomers to the Craft as well as advanced students.

You explain some things so much better than I - makes my life [as a High Priestess] easier -- " Here, take this - go read, then come back and discuss!"

So, thanks!

Blessed be,

Suzanne, HPS Whitestag Coven

Newcastle upon Tyne, England


I bought and have read part of your book (Il Libro degli Incantesimi: Antiche Formula Magiche per Risolvere Problemi Attuali). It's fantastic!

I have seen your web site and that's where I got your e-mail address.

I will follow your counsel!

Thank you very much,

Alice Delmiglio, 14


I’m 17 and have been long persecuted for my beliefs by my parents.

I particularly love the musical ciphers part in The Goodly Spellbook. I play the flute, so I just put everything up an octave and my mother doesn't suspect that I'm actually working magic (she just thinks I'm just doing a warm-up)!

Cris, Canada

I’m 15 and was thrown in a mental institution by my parents because of my beliefs (the place is Xtian in nature, and has crucifixes everywhere).

I’ve formed a TGS study group in here.  We meet daily, and are looking forward to your next book.

Anonymous, NC

I got your The Goodly Spellbook.

It is by far the most thorough and informative textbook on the Craft out there.

I'm impressed.

Blessed be,

Violet Moonlight


My daughter bought me The Goodly Spellbook for Mother's Day [2006 C.E.]. 

It's a wonderful resource! 

It goes so far beyond just another book of correspondences!

It's one of the best Mother's Day presents ever!!

Thank you so much,



I recommend The Goodly Spellbook to everyone wherever and whenever I can.

This is the REAL thing. Lady Passion is THE High Priestess of our time.

As I have been a student of Lady Passion's for over five years, I am able to personally attest to the depth of her knowledge and integrity.

Her teachings are gracious and precise. She is by far the most learned and most wise woman, teacher, and guide I have encountered.

Only superlatives come close to describing her abilities. I whole-heartedly recommend The Goodly Spellbook without apprehension of any kind.

J. I.

When I purchase a [Craft] book, I do so because it seems to contain what I think I need, and although many of these books are enjoyable, I often come away feeling like they’re missing some very basic information.

I have been working [magic] as a Solitary for the past few years, and it has been a struggle because working on your own, you really don't know what you need to know.

I recently purchased The Goodly Spellbook and now feel like I have the "bones" I need to figure things out better. Thanks so much! Thanks so much for writing such an amazing reference book!



The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells For Modern Problems is one of the best tomes I have seen for intermediate to advanced practitioners that is also easy enough for beginners to work with. Not only is The Goodly Spellbook a handy Wiccan reference, but for my Romany heart it was almost like finding a kumpánia [companion] bound as a book.

I have been using your book as a teaching aid for some time, and absolutely love the thoroughness of your Skills section -- especially the information on the variety of correspondences to be found in spellcraft. It makes many needed connections for readers between the many fields of magic and the many fields of science that were once a part of magic, but have since gone their separate ways.

It is rare to find a tome that provides the variety of uses for correspondences without drowning the reader in a sea of charts that they feel they will never be able to memorize. While providing more than a fair share of traditional correspondences, The Goodly Spellbook also shows how many of the older correspondences were attributed and gives readers almost a blueprint for finding personal correspondences as well as the variety of ways in which they can be implemented not only in spellcraft, but in making our lives more magical all around.

I have seen few books that focus on the ever-important need to apply a bit of common sense to our spellcrafting, especially in the areas of wortcunning and kitchen witchery.

Unlike many other Wiccan reference books I have read, The Goodly Spellbook explains a great amount of the precepts of Wicca that are shared by several other Pagan paths. Many of the concepts used in the book I had not seen explained so enjoyably since the days of my own training.

It seems too many Pagan authors have lost touch with music other than drumming and its uses in crafting, as well as the variety of somatic (verbal) components and the reasons for rhyming and careful word choice in spells.

Whether you are a new seeker or a long time practitioner of an established path, this book is a must have for your magical library.

Beige Allen,

Founder, World Wide Pagan Network

The Goodly Spellbook is the book that all aspiring Witches should read before purchasing any other book with "Spell " in the title. A quick fix "recipe" book for life's problems it is not. Instead, Lady Passion and *Diuvei start from the basics of spell construction, and the history and theory behind spellworking. The latter section of the book does indeed include spells for just about anything you can think of, tried and used by Coven Oldenwilde, and this is enriched by the previous chapters that give a good grounding in understanding why they are compiled the way they are.

The feel of the book throughout is purely magical, the use of language and the illustrations make it a joy to use.

Much of what is found in The Goodly Spellbook is missing in other "spellbooks" that are available; the chapters on "Barbarous Words of Power", "The Quality of Quantities" and the use of music and dance in spellwork make fascinating reading and clearly explain the "hows" and "whys" these can be incorporated so effectively into spellworking. The information found in the contents is available elsewhere, but you would need to purchase several books to find it, and I doubt it would be explained as well.

The Goodly Spellbook is not yet another "Wicca 101", or a book that someone who has not got a serious interest in spellworking should buy. It is however, an essential read for the magical student and a goodly reference for the more experienced Witch.

Suzanne White, HPS Whitestag Coven,

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Dear Lady Passion, and *Diuvei:

I picked up your The Goodly Spellbook and I really enjoyed it. I make it a rule to not buy spellbooks, as I'd always rather write my own. However, what I really liked about your book is the way that you incorporated magical theory into the explanation of the spells.

It's inspired me to rewrite part of my Wicca 101 course for my Coven's dedicants. In the past, we've taught them a bit about magical law, and then applied magic, with nothing to link them together. Now, I've opened up the lesson and am going to teach about applying magical laws to different magic and spells.

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed your book.


I have your The Goodly Spellbook and enjoy it very much.

Our [The Beltane Papers'] advisory board consists of [Pagan authors] Z Budapest and Caitlin Mathews.


Janet [of The Beltane Papers, a national Pagan 'zine by women, for women, focusing on Women's Mysteries]

From one High Priest to another:

One thing I must say is that the Goodly is a masterpiece, it is well written, and provides clarity to even the most seasoned practitioners of the craft.

I have been studying the craft for what seems like a lifetime even though it has only been a little over five years. I thought I had it all, the udnerstanding, the skill, the willing students who were so eager to learn, but it was not so. The Goodly has offered clarity to things I thought I knew inside and out.

The Goodly be praised and the writers who brought this wonder into fruition. Your judicious writing has been a blessing not only to me but the group in which I help teach with a fabulous witch. It is required reading and has helped many of the students realize their true potential. The philosophical ideals in the Goodly offer a different prospective to the witches of the world that some had percieved lost in the sea of ancient knowledge that is no longer with us.

So from the hearts of the witches in a small town in Texas to yours, I say thank you for such a wonderful read.

Blessed be and be well!

Asdea of the Blessed Water, Earth, and Air


A year ago, I made the decision to learn the Craft, and become a Witch. I feel now that I have finally found where I belong. And now I have your exquisite The Goodly Spellbook, and I must tell you that it is a thing of such beauty that I cannot easily put it down. Thank you so much, dear teachers!

Your book is the jewel of my growing magical library.

Thank you so much for your beautiful book, and your efforts on behalf of Witches here in America. I intend to keep studying, and am working hard to become the best Witch I can be. I'm just so happy!

Sahirnee Silvermane

I recently purchased your The Goodly Spellbook, and I find it fascinating!

I have read other books on Witchcraft. and they oftentimes don't make sense to a Newbie -- they don't have good explanations as to why things are done the way they are -- losing the whole meaning.

The Goodly Spellbook is well written. Your information is broken down so that it is comprehensible and practical.  Furthermore, the history [Scope section] in the book telling about the trials Witches have gone through throughout time is interesting because it interconnects events and things that I did not know were interconnected.

In reading other [magic] books, I always felt bad -- like I was doing something wrong. Because of the way the information was presented, it [Wicca] seemed clandestine and in some ways evil. 

Your book eliminates this stigma by presenting historical facts.

Natalie, Carlsbad, California

I've been reading your The Goodly Spellbook.

I started at the beginning, reading the history of magic and liked the way you set it up for a clearer understanding of how history evolved.

I just finished this [the Scope} section this morning and decided to browse through the rest of the book, then go back and read where I left off later.

I was astounded when I looked through the book. You really have a lot of information in there, and I am very glad I decided to buy it. You even have examples of and discuss squares, and I suspect most don't even know what a [magic] square is.

I am very proud to own The Goodly Spellbook and it's a keeper. I am not sentimental about books, and if I feel after reading a book that I will never pick it up again, I give it away.

Your book is an awesome resource, I'll be picking it up often and very glad it is hardbound. I can tell that you really put thought and passion into the writing of this book.

In the book, I found a dice sorcery spell involving throwing pebbles that looked familiar, and I am certain that my two aunts did some version of this.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of TGS. This is more than "just" a spellbook.


Your The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells For Modern Problems helped me by breaking down any remaining mental barriers that remained in my mind.

Your book confirmed many theories I've had on religion. Thank you so much.

Cam Yale


Dear Lady Passion & *Diuvei,

Some authors write for one another instead of everyone else... This book is for everyone!

I love seeing that wonderful quote [left flyleaf] when you open the cover. How enchanting and true.

Second, considering that our tradition is of the ages it was heartfelt for me to have the olde brought to the now and new.

The examples of the footwork for the dances was wicked fun and informative.

I appreciate being taken into the history of the spells and the variations that accompany them.

It was very helpful to me to learn the pronunciation of certain words.

I believe this is a book to quote, gain spiritual insight from and have a magical journey with. I have recommended it to all my friends.

This book is a great mystical read. Thanks for sharing the magic.

Be Blessed,


Dear Lady Passion & *Diuvei,

Your book is A M A Z I N G ! It is beyond fabulous!!! Your writing is wise, lyrical, and absolutely captivating… Your style is fantastically beautiful!

Your tone throughout is generous beyond anything I ever remember reading. It is informative and shocking in its revelations, especially regarding history. It establishes a most profound foundation -- an incredible gift to the world.

The world is a much better place because of its writing and publication. I cannot properly express my gratitude and the wonder with which I continue its reading.

I expected that it would be authoritative and invaluable. Still, it has exceeded my wildest dreams about what the book could have been.

I've already bought one that I will give to my close friend as a gift. I also plan to give my sister and mother copies at Yule.

Jyl Ion

Dear Lady Passion and *Diuvei,

I'd read about your book in the Asheville Laurel [free monthly magazine] and was eager to see it when published. I knew it was the one book on Witchcraft that I spiritually entrusted purchasing.

I've been estranged more often than not from my mother who moved to Flagstaff, AZ 20 years ago-- a woman who would call herself a Witch.

Until reading your book (and I've so far read just to page 29 -including the introduction), I have carried a great level of disregard towards her. I've resisted much of the magical and wise knowledge that she carries, a knowledge that I now recognize very clearly as part of my family lineage.

Thank you for investing the time, energy, and power to write such an informative and honest primer on spellcrafting and witches. Inspired, I even purchased a second autographed copy of your book to present to my mother for Winter Solstice!!

Blessings and Peace,


Dear Lady Passion and *Diuvei,

I am continuing to receive much light and wisdom from [my copy of] TGS. Not only did I purchase a[nother copy of the] book for my mother, but I just bought another off of for a girlfriend's birthday.


Hello Lady Passion:

We have sold out of your book and will order more!

So, do you want to come back to Waynesville? Maybe in Feb. and do a romance spell evening?

I think maybe you put a spell of good fortune on us because for every negative call we have received I think three more people are coming in and buying books!

Thanks for coming.

Margaret Osondu, [owmer] Osondu Booksellers, Wayneswille, NC

I bought your book at Osondu in Waynesville--I am of a pagan bent myself, and when those Christian ladies went on so about the book I had to see it and when I did--I bought it!


In their wonderful The Goodly Spellbook, Lady Passion and *Diuvei write of the living embodiment of Spirit in nature. This is an issue beyond the politics of religious practice; it's about the ways in which we continue to attempt one upmanship's against nature, whether environmental or biological. So to allow the "bottom line" to justify the ongoing, historical exploitation of our indigenous populations is a moral crime.

Peace and blessing to y'all,


Dear Lady Passion & *Diuvei,

I just moved to Norfolk VA and bought The Goodly Spellbook. It is really good! I love it!

I really liked the way you started with the history and background of Wicca. There are alot of books that don't really give much insight on the past of Wicca.

Your book is alot easier to learn from than some of the other books I have read. You break down everything there is to know and learn about spell casting -- for me, that helps alot. Thanks!


Greetings Lady Passion and Diuvei,

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I bought a copy of The Goodly Spellbook from Barnes and Noble.

I was captivated from the first sentence. I commend you for your integrity exposing many of the authors of popular Wicca books as posers and profiteers with nothing to contribute to the spiritual path.

What is your policy accepting students online? If I follow the curriculum outlined on your website, would you consider accepting me as a student?

Thrice Blessing,

Karen Craft

Dear Lady Passion & *Diuvei,

Thanks so much for coming to the [Accent on Books] store yesterday, to talk and sign books.

We're very pleased with the turn-out and wish you both every success with this book and all your future writing endeavors.

Byron {Ballard, event organizer]

The Goodly Spellbook is a Goodly read. I found the information on words, chanting and music evocative. The information presented in The Goodly Spellbook will enhance future research in the esoteric usage of sound.

The book is well researched and written with depth and humor. I especially honor the efforts the writers made to impress on their readers the importance of ethics when working with powerful energies and Spirit.

Kind Regards,

Kythera Ann, D.D., Th.D.

Your book really is so well done! I have been looking for information on PROPER spellwork. It IS tricky learning on one's own, the How and and When's of releasing energy correctly for the spell to actually work efficiently- and yeay! someone has finally explained it!



Dear Lady Passion,

Thank you for being at our bookstore. My husband I attended your event and we loved it. Both of us are more solitary types, but we found you and your husband's comments very inspiring.

We brought some friends who were also delighted by your talk, so much so that I went and bought them a copy DURING your discussion so they (and I) could focus on your talk and not their booklust.

We would love to have you back for a Valentine's Day event. Alsace is in charge of booking readings, so she should be following up with you.


Linda Barrett Knopp, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe

My lady, you have produced such a fine work that it robs my prose of sufficient words to describe it. It is a beautiful and superbly-crafted work in both the visual and tactile sense, which is such a rarity im modern tymes.

It is a sumptuous feast for the eyes. The matte cover feels so lovely in the hands, the choice of font and composition on the same cover so perfect. The embossed symbology on the hardcover is a striking touch that "new books" seldom concern themselves with. The gentle manilla colouring of the pages is so easy on the eyes and the decorative touches at both page number and upper corner are perfectly executed embellishments that again harken from days of yore.

The incredible heft of the volume is amazing and I did not know it would be such a massive compedium. The inside cover photo of yourselves is quite beautiful as well!

The Goodly Spellbook will stand [the test of time], and long after you and yours have ventured through the veil, it will be consulted, referenced, and cherished ... I truly mean that -- it is that good and that well-executed. It exudes importance.

In my initial estimation this work stands as a classic from its inception and time will bear this out.


The Goodly Spellbook is mesmerizing. It is written in a prosaic style that is pleasurable to read.

I especially loved your expression of spellcraft as a spiritual devotion."Spellcraft is applied spirituality" is extremely apropos.

I would love to attend one of your Friday night classes. I know I would plumb the depths I could not reach elsewhere.

Thrice Blessings,


Dear Lady Passion & *Diuvei --

Your book is this to me:

My whole life I have been raised in a very conservative christian church.

If you have seen the first Matrix movie when Neo Took the red pill so he can see the truth and all of a sudden what he thought was real was not even close -- that is what I did a year ago, I took the RED PILL : )

Your Book is starting to open my eyes and allow me to see what life is all about. What I am about.

We [Witches] must show the people that it's not war or dominion over the masses that life's all about. It's about about great sisters and brothers like us and taking care of all things on this beautiful earth.

I thank you, your husband and Coven for your time and study in which you put into this wonderful book!

I wish for all your dreams to come true!

Shane Scott

Dear Lady Passion & *Diuvei --

I've been doing is going to the local Borders and Barnes and Nobles [bookstores] and asking them to order several copies.

I use the guise that I have students or a book club that will come and buy the books. Which is true.

This enhances people's awareness and accessibility to magick. This could be a good thing to suggest to other folks.

Peace, amanda

Hi. I live about 45 minutes from Asheville. I just borrowed your The Goodly Spellbook from a friend of mine and I love it!

I can't wait to buy my own copy!

I am 23 have been raised in the Craft. I, too, am a follower of the Great Goddess Hecate.

I just wanted you know how much I appreciate the fine work you have done in your writing.

Thank you and Bright Blessings

Shawn Wilson

Tonight I was studying The Goodly Spellbook. One of my most favorite passages has stayed with me and I read it over and over.

"In the central moment, right here and now, the point at which wisdom and will ecstatically join together, magic is born".

The beauty and the elegance of this statement take my breath away.

The Goodly Spellbook is a masterpiece. I am glad that it is not a posthumous effort, and that you and *Diuvei will see it receive the universal acclaim it merits.