The Goodly Spellbook
is now available from
Sterling Publishing Co.

Form a Goodly Spellbook Study Group

"Here is the thoroughly comprehensive, absolutely definitive guide to spells, the basic handbook for anyone looking to practice some hands-on magic."

Sterling Publishing Co., about The Goodly Spellbook

We encourage everyone -- including students, friends, prisoners, and military Pagans -- to start a TGS study group and practice its techniques.

Because studying and practicing magic is Constitutionally protected, you shouldn't run into any difficulty doing so. If you do experience discrimination, however, cite the reasons we give below to elicit support.

If you still meet resistance, email us.

Student TGS Study Groups

"All arts and sciences are interconnected through correspondences, but schools organize them into different departments, which then separate themselves further by developing specialized technical languages. This prevents us from seeing their similarities. If you're a student in school, studying many different subjects, you are especially fortunate to be learning the Art of Correspondences now -- it will help you find the connections between such seemingly diverse disciplines such as math and music, history and poetry, and geology and dance."

The Goodly Spellbook, page 113

TGS Study Groups Of Friends,
Relatives, Neighbors, or Like-minded Folks

"Witches and warlocks without any bother,
Like Gypsies, on meeting, well know one another."

The Goodly Spellbook, page 334

Prisoner TGS Study Groups

"Astral travel is an exciting adventure for any spellcrafter. It's also very useful if you are unable to travel conventionally -- if you are physically limited or confined to a prison cell, for example."

The Goodly Spellbook, page 397

Military TGS Study Groups

"Today, flags around the world bear the Witches' five-pointed star, even those of Communist and Islamic nations, as an American-inspired symbol of aspiration toward freedom. Very few...who patriotically salute their national flag realize that they are paying homage to a pre-Christian magical sign."

The Goodly Spellbook, page 26

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