The Goodly Spellbook
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Sterling Publishing Co.

with Lady Passion & *Diuvei

As informed, articulate Wiccan experts, we're continually interviewed on radio and TV.

Download some of our radio interviews, below, and listen to them on your computer, iPod, or MP3 player. (All files are in .MP3 format.)

If you have a dial-up connection, download the mono version (smaller file size). If you have broadband, download the stereo version (higher fidelity).

For our favorite TV and video interview clips, see our Oldenwilde Magic DVD

Key Andrew interviews *Diuvei and Skye, Tyrfire, Tvastar
Feb. 2, 2009, Asheville Creative Music School
"What is Good and Evil?"

Online TV Shows by Ustream

BBC London logo

BBC London 94.9FM: The Late Show, Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hosted by Jumoké Fashola

Jumoké Fashola

Immediately after our signing of The Goodly Spellbook at Atlantis Bookshop (Europe's oldest occult bookstore), a black limousine rushed us through the nighttime streets of London to BBC headquarters, where we were featured in a live interview by celebrity English journalist Jumoké Fashola (honored as Religious Broadcaster of the Year in 2005).

We were such a hit with callers that BBC extended our segment an extra 45 minutes!

(These files have edited to exclude news breaks and non-interview-related material.)

Mono download File size: 6.7 MB Duration: 00:50'41"
Stereo download File size: 46.3 MB Duration: 00:50'41"

WPVM logo

WPVM Asheville 103.5FM: Listening2WomenThursday, July 27, 2006

Hosted by Elisa Boots

Elisa Boots holding copy of TGS

Fans of our The Goodly Spellbook will love this local interview, which reveals secrets about how and why we wrote the book.

(The mono download has been edited to include only the interview. The stereo download includes the beautiful Witchy music Elisa played during interview breaks.)

Mono download File size: 10.1 MB Duration: 00:52'41"
Stereo download File size: 61.2 MB Duration: 01:06'56"

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