Clairvoyant psychic reader, divination specialist Lady Passion using a crystal ball to give a psychic clairvoyant reading and divination
Clairvoyant psychic reader and divination specialist Lady Passion using Tarot cards to give a divination and clairvoyant psychic reading

Clairvoyant Psychic Readings & Divination by Lady Passion

Lady Passion (Dixie Deerman), R.N., N.L.C., HPS, is a seer, counselor, and registered nurse with over three decades' experience as a clairvoyant psychic reader, divination expert, and healer for clients from every continent and every walk of life. A born psychic and clairvoyant whose specialty is divination, Lady Passion gives uncannily accurate clairvoyant psychic readings and Tarot-card divinations, guiding her clients to reliable, effective solutions to difficult magical, medical, legal, relationship, and other problems.

What Lady Passion can do for you

Lady Passion's Specialties

Confidential Counseling

Wish you could confide in someone trustworthy, wise, and cool, feel comforted and get savvy advice to make your life stable — easier and happy?

Consult Lady Passion. She’s counseled people worldwide confidentially since 1977. Renowned Craft clergy and a Registered Nurse since 1988, she helps people feeling desperation, confusion, or depression, or contemplating suicide — no issue is insignificant.

Folks worldwide rely on her expertise to resolve their magical, medical, legal, and personal problems. Book your psychic reading with Lady Passion for non-judgmental care.

Curse Removal

Curses, hexes, the Evil Eye — they’re very real and can wreck your life. Worried that someone’s magically afflicted you, or means you ill from jealousy?

Consult Lady Passion. She can tell if your fears are founded and take a spell off.

Book your psychic reading with Lady Passion to remove your obstacles and stop your setbacks.

Divination Readings

Want to know your future — what to do or avoid? How to save your marriage, if a lover will return? Will you win in court, or make money if you follow your bliss? Where should you relocate? When’s best to travel or play the lotto? Will you recover and heal?

Consult Lady Passion. People worldwide rely on this gifted seer and experienced clairvoyant, psychic, and divination expert. Her accurate predictions and private guidance will minimize your risk, help you make wise decisions, and promote success.

Book your psychic reading with Lady Passion to schedule a reading.

Ghost Removal

Do you suspect that your house or property is haunted, or that a ghost is spooking prospective buyers? Wonder if you’re crazy or what signs indicate a real haunting? Whether you should worry, try to communicate with it, or simply learn to tolerate a pesky spirit?

Consult Lady Passion. This Witch has seen it all and handles scary, destructive, and “nuisance”-type ghosts with skillful aplomb.

(Read Lady Passion's account of how she dealt with one ghost.)

Many arrange for her to bless their new property or businesses, or to banish negative spirits and enable them to successfully sell or enjoy their home in peace.

Book your psychic reading with Lady Passion to schedule a blessing, banishing, etc.


Need a professional to provide Pagan remedies, herbal medicine, magical pain relief techniques, or ancient healing spells?

Consult Lady Passion. She’s been a Registered Nurse since 1988, brews popular herbal potions, and has healed folks of conditions from bone cancer to sterility.

Book your psychic reading with Lady Passion for alternative healthcare.

Lie Detection

Want to know when someone’s lying? If your spouse is unfaithful, co-workers plotting against you, a friend’s actually untrustworthy? Are you an attorney who needs to know for a jury selection or trial if a juror is hiding a secret prejudice?

Consult Lady Passion. Gifted from birth with a rare form of synesthesia that enables her to perceive a speaker's true intentions (even if you simply repeat the person's words to her), she’s a human lie detector who can spot liars, cheats, and thieves.

Clients worldwide rely on her uncanny ability to help them tell friend from foe and warn them of betrayal.

Book your psychic reading with Lady Passion to confirm your fears, or ease your mind that person’s no threat.

Magical Help

Working hard not working for you? Feel unseen, unheard, frustrated, or downright unlucky — mysteriously thwarted? Take heart, for most every need and problem can be remedied by an easy, private spell using household ingredients.

Consult Lady Passion. People worldwide rely on her wisdom to help them and their loved ones reap the rewards of their labors.

Book your psychic reading with Lady Passion for magic spells that really work.

Past-life Regression

Ever wondered, "Who was I in a past life? What all did I do?” Questions about reincarnation are important because traumas you experienced during previous lives can cause phobias or repetitive problems with relationships in this one — conversely, the talents and traits you cultivated in a past life give you a knack for a particular vocation or career in your present incarnation.

Consult Lady Passion. An experienced hypnotist, she’s led past-life regressions for groups and individuals since 1981 — helping them understand their past, improve their present, and make wise plans for the future. Clients who undergo past-life regression report their fears eliminated and their happiness and self-esteem greatly increased.

Book your psychic reading with Lady Passion to schedule a past-life regression session or plan a group past-life regression party.

Live too far away to consult her in person? Regress yourself using her popular Hypnotic Trance Induction audio recording (available as CD, MP3 download, or PDF transcript).

Remote Viewing

Want to know what a far-flung friend or loved is doing? What your lucky lottery numbers are, or where you lost something valuable?

Consult Lady Passion. People worldwide depend on this blind psychic’s ability to check on their loved ones, reveal secrets, and find lost objects.

Book your psychic reading with Lady Passion for help when you need to see far.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you psychic?
I was born with synesthesia, a way of perceiving differently that has been documented and studied by scientists. I have a rare form that attaches color to speech, which enables me to know people's secrets, plans, motivations, etc. I can also see things from afar; for instance, if you wonder if someone you know is a friend or foe, I can see them and tell you which they are.
Do you help Christians?
Yes. I have clients of all ages and faiths worldwide.
Do you accept anonymous calls?
Yes. You don't have to give me your real name — just compensation.
Will you read my mind when I call?
Yes. I'm psychic, after all.
Just don’t immediately demand I prove my prowess, for that’s as disrespectful as expecting a pastor to prove he’s holy.
Can you tell me if I’m psychic, or someone I know is?
Yes. Psychics come in many forms, but act in ways easy to identify.
We have uncanny intuition and make correct predictions. We’re often female or a Water sign (Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio).
Can I learn to be psychic?
Yes. Read The Goodly Spellbook for insider tips, or get a pro to teach you.
Practice being receptive. Try to do any of hundreds of kinds of divination (fortune-telling) until you find a method that works well for you.
Do you ever get sick?
Yes. Psychics often have a chronic illness that encourages them to be compassionate. For instance, we may be a blind seer or "wounded healer" able to heal others but not ourselves.
Were we healthy, our unbridled talent could easily incite us to rule the world...
How can I talk with you?
Schedule an hour with me to give you a reading by phone, via e-mail, or in person, or to phone me so I can hear your problem and advise you how to solve it. Once you donate $100 via PayPal, you’ll get an instant confirmation via e-mail of your booked time with me. Then just keep your appointment — easy breezy.

Find out more about Lady Passion

The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells For Modern Problems Ask-A-Priestess: Magic Answers and Spells from a Real Witch Since she was 13, Lady Passion has been a Witch — also known as a bruja (curandera)Spanish words for "Witch", stregaItalian word for "Witch", ведьмаA Russian word for "Witch", root workerAn African-American word for "Witch". As the High Priestess since 1994 of Coven Oldenwilde, a 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit, Lady Passion is a clergyperson legally empowered to "marry and bury", and an active advocate for the religious rights of Wiccans in prison, the military, schools, and the workplace. She is a well-known expert on real magic, Wicca, and Witchcraft who is frequently interviewed on radio and television, as well as a published author and co-author of numerous articles and books including the internationally acclaimed The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells For Modern Problems and the popular e-book Ask-A-Priestess: Magic Answers & Spells from a Real Witch.

Lady Passion has conducted a popular free Samhain ritual in Asheville, North Carolina, for decades. Her hobbies include designing magical jewelry, and spiritual eco-activism. She and High Priest *Diuvei (Steve Rasmussen) live in Coven Oldenwilde's 3-story Covenstead in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Consult Lady Passion

Schedule a time to get a reading or advice from Lady Passion.

Book a 1-hour session for a donation of $100 USD via PayPal. You can consult with her by phone, by e-mail, or in-person. (In-person = at the Covenstead in Asheville, N.C.)

More info ...

  • Lady Passion is available Monday through Sunday for 1-hour sessions from 1 pm through 8 pm Eastern Time.
  • When you register, you do not have to use your real name.
  • You'll receive a confirmation e-mail after you've scheduled, as well as a reminder e-mail the day before your reading.
  • If you chose a By Phone reading, call Lady Passion at the beginning of your session at the number given in the confirmation & reminder e-mail. (Not a toll-free number; long-distance charges may apply.) If By E-mail, she'll conduct your reading and send you her advice, and you can reply to her with any follow-up questions you may have. If In-Person, you'll receive street address and directions for the Covenstead.

Get ongoing help — keep Lady Passion on retainer.

Set up a monthly donation of $100 USD via PayPal Subscribe, and you can call and e-mail her any time you need her help.

Want to donate a different way?

PayPal accepts donations in any currency via credit card, debit card, bank card, or PayPal account. If you don't have one of these, e-mail Lady Passion at [email protected] and other arrangements can be made.

If you are in an immediate crisis — considering suicide, in physical danger, etc. — call now(828) 251-0343 and donate at a later time.

Clairvoyant psychic reader, divination specialist Lady Passion's 'div nook' for in-person psychic clairvoyant readings and divinations shows crystal ball and Tarot High Priestess symbol on a pentagram-inscribed Ouija table with two seats and a palmistry hand on the wall Lady Passion's "div nook" for in-person psychic readings
Five Tarot High Priestess cards in a fan Lady Passion has practiced and taught cartomancy (card reading) for four decades. A Tarot expert, she has read with some 150 different Tarot decks and currently owns more than 40. Explore and buy Tarot-card decks Lady Passion recommends at:

~ Testimonials ~

• ... I'm writing this to express my gratitude to Lady Passion. She has helped me in many ways. Usually she is the only one who ever answers my calls for help.
    She always lends an ear for anyone who is feeling down or needs advice of any sort. 
     As a High Priestess she is the best. She is always there to answer any question or call for help I have, and I know she must get hundreds of e-mails and calls a day, but she still makes time for each and every call no matter how big or how small. She does this for everyone not just me, and I've never gone more than 24 hours without a response. 
    How she makes time for it all I'll never know. I guess where there's a Witch there's a way. I commend her for that, and after answering hundreds of calls and e-mails. She still makes time for charity work as well, and has many free public rites to educate the public. Thank you Lady Passion for all you do, I commend you for it.
— A. H., Canton, NC

• I recently lost my mother. I phoned Lady Passion to schedule her to officiate my mother's Rite For The Departed Soul. She and *Diuvei performed the ritual outside in a park near my home. It was very enjoyable and made me feel at ease. We circled amid 15-20 robins. It is a better ceremony than any monotheist memorial/funeral. It is a service that will help you accept a loved one's passing. 
— Crystal Moon, Asheville, NC

• Many thanks for your love help. The love potion you gave me brought me eveything I asked for and more. My mate and I are blissfully happy. I also was pleasantly surprised that the waiting time for the potion to work was less than a moon cycle.
     Thanks again for all your help. You will be the first person I think of when I need or want for anything.
— L. O., Kernersville, NC

I had been terrified of bridges for as long as I could remember. I would panic while crossing them. I would have to undo my seatbelt if I was in a car, and roll down my window so I would not be trapped in the car if the bridge should collapse. I couldn't even walk across a bridge, even small ones, like one across a creek. I would try and jump across or wade in the water to get to the othe shore.
    When Lady Passion did my Past Life Regression, I found out that I had been beaten and drug across a bridge. This is what I really feared: A repeat of a Past Life [trauma].
    Since the night she did this for me, I now can cross any bridge without fear at all. Any bridge, anytime. Even stop on a bridge and look off [over the mountains]..
    My phobia has gone away with the help of Lady Passion. She is a very gifted Lady, and I admire and respect her a lot.
— M. W., Hickory, NC

I recently worked your spell for removing hexes [given in The Goodly Spellbook].
    My life had become wreckage: I had lost my job, I was about to be evicted, and my car was about to be repossessed.
    Within 2 days I was offered 1 job and 3 [additional] interviews. My landlord is now willing to work with me (he gave me 3 months to catch up on my rent). I am still waiting to see if I can keep my car, but if not, the job I accepted is only 1/4 mile from my home. Convenient, don't you think?
    I can't say whether or not an actual hex was in place, or if I just had a very bad run of horrible luck. What I can say is that my luck changed for the better after I worked your spell.
— Draconis, Bellevue, WA

• Almost $100 was stolen out of my wallet at the beginning of the school year, and I used the Attraction Spell, "To Recover Objects Stolen By Humans" on page 356 [of The Goodly Spellbook]. I used Lady Passion's method of repetition, and I also contacted Lady Passion and got some great advice from her. Within two weeks, all of my money was returned to me in full.
— Scorpio, Flagstaff, AZ

Of the fabulous wealth of spells arrayed in The Goodly Spellbook, all that I've assayed have borne goodly fruit, but perhaps the ones I've used most extensively and with results that mean the most to me have been the weather workings.
     Not only has each produced the intended results immediately, but what fascinates me most is that an eight-year pattern of drought in our area began to lift over the winter and has continued to yield bountiful and blessing rains without the violence that so often accompanies spring weather in the Midwest.
     What I suspect is that regular workings as delineated in The Goodly Spellbook have not only provided rain as needed in the moment but are actually shifting the drought pattern that has been locked over us for so long. Needless to say, being able to work with the weather for good in this way is wondrous locally, and in these days of worldwide adverse weather change it opens up possibilities that most Witches will welcome with all their hearts.
— Erie-Selkie, Tennessee, IL

• About one year ago I was struggling with a situation where somebody in my work place was slandering my name. My boss was continually displeased with me, and my co-workers were dropping hints that somebody was talking to him. I had my suspicions of who it was, but I couldn't be sure. The spell in your book for discovering the source of gossip worked (forgive the pun) like a charm. It turned out to be somebody I hadn't expected at all, somebody who had been working on my team and angling for the job I wanted. Thanks to you I was able to quickly talk to my boss and fix the situation. I have my new job now. Thank you.
— Joseph (Setykh), Fond Du Lac, WI

I worked in an environment where lying, deception, and gossip were commonplace. In order to avoid becoming a target of such, I used frangipani oil on my body and to my workplace. Almost immediately my sense of negative politics brewing with co-workers dissolved. I continued to use the oil whenever I intuited trouble might be brewing. It worked every time. I remained free of problems, misunderstandings, and being targeted throughout my time there. (Reference to page 305 in the hardcover edition [of The Goodly Spellbook], "To Prevent & Quell Rumors.")
     I made an amulet with two feathers for my car to avert the evil eye. Lady Passion warned that I would arrive at my destinations quickly, and therefore, there was no need to speed. In fact, she noted that I may have a tendency to be more heavy footed than usual given my choice of feathers used in the amulet. Unfortunately, I tend to be forgetful at times, and I was caught speeding by a member of the Highway Patrol. The result was a hefty speeding ticket. When I finally did reach my intended destination, I was not, nor would I have been, late if I had not sped.
     As far as spellwork goes, I have made and bound poppets for protection more than any other. It is a spell I have mastered and one that has unequivocally worked on every occasion in which I have used it. My only regret is not having used it more often. There were certainly times that I had thought to use the spell and then for whatever reason chose not to. In each case, the person involved undeniably caused dangers and dilemmas from which, in the end, I was unable to regain ground. (Reference to page 322-323 in the hardcover edition, "To Make and Bind a Poppet for Protection.")
     "To Meet Your Perfect Mate" is one of my favorite spells. I have used it frequently; and indeed, in each and every case it has worked. A teaching I received during the working of this spell was that I did not have to choose the first man who was drawn to me; instead, I could pick and choose from among those who were drawn, whereas, if I had not come to understand that aspect of the spell's outcome, I may have settled for the first willing lover to arrive. (Reference to page 367-370 in the hardcover edition, "To Meet Your Perfect Mate.")
     "To Reveal the Identity of a Thief" is another of my favorite spells. Its efficacy is undeniable. I worked this spell on one occasion to catch a thief who stole the Grand Opening earnings of a store where I once worked. Just as Lady Passion described would occur, not one but TWO of the employees promptly appeared sporting two clear red marks upon their faces. The thieves turned out to be the manager and assistant manager the owner had recently hired. Once I reported my findings to the owner, he shared them with his management team, although I had asked him not to do that. The day after the manager learned what I had found, he failed to return to work. He immediately quit without notice and took a comparable position with the store's competition down the road. (Reference to pages 407-409 in the hardcover edition, "To Reveal the Identity of a Thief.")
— Dodona-Falc, Tallahassee, FL

Pacifying a Ghost — a true account by Lady Passion:

     Officia, a student of mine, complained that there was a ghost in her home making deep scratches sometime at night on her and her son, who’d recently moved in with her and her mate. On Nov. 22, 2015, I went to investigate. I brought with me two sistrums (one for me, another for Officia if need be); Bend Over oil; High John the Conqueror oil; house blessing incense; and a lighter.
     When we arrived on her property, I met and hugged her mate before he made a gallant exit. She gave me the home tour. I knew immediately not only that a ghost did reside there, but how it had access to her and her son. But I said naught till I’d toured all.
     We went up, down, around, until I showed her the "L"-shaped space that I knew their ghost resided most in. I stressed, though, that it could descend to further below the vertical — in the crawlspace below their house. I didn’t feel the need to explore those depths; I believed that an "L"-shaped ghost habitat was enough to go on.
     I sat facing the "L" bend with a voice-activated recorder, Officia beside me to my left. I verbally acknowledged the ghost's existence, and then posed questions to test what I thought I knew.
     Officia and I heard frequent omens: first, an ambulance; second, a fire engine; and third, a ghost-rap opposite us. We twisted around without words, now facing opposite the main haint — toward Officia's North-facing front porch. I didn’t want my speaking to freak the ghost out, so I paused a tad before calling what I now knew was a female entity.
     And then an 8-year-old girl in a gossamer white dress with a blue sash just below her breasts flashed before my blind eyes in a space in the curtains. She appeared Caucasian, healthy and carefree, but I couldn’t see her hair color. Her dress with its sash looked like an old-fashioned first-communion dress.
     I asked Officia if she had seen the ghost flash; I thought she had, but it had been too brief. So I described the ghost, and explained her motivation for haunting their space.
     Officia teared up: She’d encountered the ghost years before, exactly as I’d described, when her son was young. The ghost-girl had not been attached to their previous residence as they’d thought, but rather to Officia and her children. The ghost had been roused to act by her son’s recent move-in.
     Their current rental home's architecture had on the one hand given the ghost succor, but on the other, had confined her to somewhat propitiously limited range. The "L" shape had simply enabled her easy access to Officia and her son — Mom slept in a direct path through a series of doors and small closets.
     The dead child simply craved attention and acknowledgment — and was aroused to appearance when I gave her both.
     Officia’s mate came back near the spell’s peak. The ghost was so communicative, I didn’t even have to break out my incense or sistrum.
     Still, I felt the need to give the family peace. So I opened up my oils and bade Officia and her mate anoint the area below each vertical closet’s inner doorknob, and oppositely, near each door’s end, in an Earth-invoking pentagram to calm their ghostie down.
     Her mate was open minded — he related to me his own true ghost experience with four witnesses — so I guided his fingers in applying High John to the front-room closet off their bedroom. Officia was exactly above in the floor atop; she did the same to her son’s closet — and was awarded with communication from the spirit.
     The family felt empathy for the ghost-girl. I gave them lots of practical options and magical fixes: for example, offer her peppermints, hard sugar-spun candy, and syrupy drinks. They later told me that they sensed she was especially pleased with these old-fashioned treats.
     That night, Officia reported the next day, she slept much easier. "I did feel a slight touch on my back, a very soft stroking, as with one finger, in the middle of the night. I told her goodnight, I love you.....and all remained quiet afterwards."
     A fortnight later, Officia emailed me the following message: "Re: the ghost-girl: I wanted to let you know that on Friday night, [my mate] saw a golden orb come out of the closet. It floated towards the center of the room and then moved at a 45 degree angle that would have taken it through [my son]'s room and then, if it stayed on track, out of the house. He called me right after he saw it to let me know. P., our black cat, was on his lap and apparently saw it too."
     Her mate was astonished by how large and bright the golden orb was, and noticed that it seemed to be intentionally showing itself to him before moving away. Since it originated from the "L"-shaped space, the glowing golden orb was undoubtedly the spirit of the little ghost-girl. Evidently she was saying goodbye: As of January 2016, there have been no ghostly manifestations at Officia's house since.
     But perhaps in return for the love Officia's family showed her, the ghost girl gave them the parting gift of saving her mate's life. As soon as I heard about his seeing the golden orb, I immediately contacted Officia and insisted she take her mate to the hospital right away. No one normally sees spirits in such full glory unless they are on the verge of the spirit realm themselves — in other words, unless they are close to death. I knew he was being treated for cardiovascular problems, so I suspected he was having or about to have a heart attack. Officia promptly followed my advice — just in time, as it proved, for his doctors rushed him into surgery and performed a quadruple bypass, from which he recovered successfully.