Contents & Preface of

The Goodly Spellbook:
Olde Spells for Modern Problems

by Lady Passion (Dixie Deerman)
& *Diuvei (Steven Rasmussen)

© 2005 (1st ed.), 2014 (2nd ed.)

Sterling Publishing, New York, NY

The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems

The Goodly Spellbook 1st-edition cover (2005-2014)

The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems eBook for Nook app or devices

The Goodly Spellbook eBook for Nook app or devices

Table of Contents


Spellcraft—The Natural & Ancient Art of Applied Spirituality

  • The Hidden History of Spellcraft
  • How the Art Magical Works
  • What Constitutes a Spell?

Everyone Can Do Spells to Help Themselves, Loved Ones, & the Planet

  • You Can Live a Magical Life
  • Trust Your Magical Instincts
  • Let Your Talents & Interests Guide Your Spellcraft
  • Spell Ingredients are Everywhere
  • How to Find or Create a Magical Atmosphere
  • How to Practice Ethical Magic in an Unconscionable World


As Above, So Below—The Art of Correspondences

  • The Two Polarities
  • The Four Elements and Four Quarters
  • The Seven Planets and Their Properties
  • Timing Spells for Maximum Efficacy
  • The Wheel of the Year
  • Regarding Color
  • Table of Basic Craft Correspondences

Witches Scry Over Spilt Milk—The Art of Divination

  • Elemental Scrying
  • Omens & Portents
  • Paper Ball Toss
  • How to Read the Past, Present, & Future with Three Pebbles
  • Tree Divination using Three Nutshell Halves
  • Fortune-telling with Magic Beans
  • Three-Bean I Ching
  • Random Mark-Making—Geomancy
  • Digital Divination—Chronomancy
  • Fortune-telling Jewelry—Divining with Beads
  • From a God's Mouth to Your Ear—Oracles

Divine Number—The Magic of Counting

  • The Qualities of Quantities
  • "Murphy's Magic"—Mastering the Art of Opposites
  • Three Times' the Charm
  • The Cymric Count or Shepherd's Score

Chants & Charms—The Power of Words

  • The Magic in Consonants & Vowels
  • And Better it Be in Rhyme
  • Lingua Arcana—The Secret Language of Witchcraft
  • Ancient Witch Words
  • From Abracadabra to Zomelak—Barbarous Words of Power

Secret Writing—Letters, Glyphs, & Runes

  • Magical Alphabets
  • Making Sigils, Bindrunes, & Seals

Musical Spells—Singing, Playing, & Drumming Magic

  • The Magic in Musical Modes & Rhythms
  • Making Musical Ciphers

Magical Movement & Gestures

  • Mystical Dance
  • Spellbinding—The Art of Fascination & Glamoury
  • The "Two Perfect Pentacles"—The Power of Human Hands

Hands-on Spellcrafting

  • Knot Magic
  • Stir Up Something Goodly—Kitchen Witchery
  • Making Poppets
  • Making Amulets & Talismans

How To Know You're Doing Spells Properly

  • Spellwork Rules of Thumb
  • The Rule of Two
  • The 24-Hour Rule


Spell Recipes for Common Needs & Problems

Healing Spells

  • To Break A Fever
  • To Promote Wellness
  • To Summon Strength
  • To Make Peace
  • To Soothe Frayed Nerves
  • To Induce Therapeutic Sleep
  • To Receive A Diagnosis or Cure in a Dream
  • To Break an Addiction
  • To Relieve Burn, Sting, Scald, and Rash
  • To Cure Ailing Plants
  • To Break a Drought
  • To Heal a Headache
  • To Heal Computer Eyestrain
  • To Cure a Toothache or an Earache
  • To Alleviate an Infection
  • To Heal Wounds & Broken Bones
  • To Ease Childbirth
  • To Prevent Hemorrhage
  • To Stanch Blood Flow
  • To Cure Mental Problems

Protection Spells

  • To Conjure a Helper Spirit
  • To Prevent or Quell Rumors
  • To Ensure a Safe & Speedy Journey
  • To Prevent Car Accidents
  • To Ensure a Baby's Future Success In Life
  • To Protect a Child
  • To Secure Child Support
  • To Create Family Harmony
  • To Prevent Drunkenness
  • To Stop Someone from Causing Harm
  • To Bind Ill from Entering
  • To Confuse Your Enemies
  • To Make and Bind a Poppet for Protection
  • To Aid Earth's Environmental Recovery
  • To Protect Forest, Field, & Stream

Attraction Spells

  • To Appear Beautiful
  • To Attract Witch Friends
  • To Disappear Debt
  • To Conjure Abundance
  • To Draw Fast Cash
  • To Be Lucky at Games of Chance
  • To Attract Fairies to Your Yard
  • To Bid Brownies Do Your Housework
  • To Learn Difficult Subjects
  • To Make Wishes Come True
  • To Attract an Object
  • To Recover Objects Stolen by Humans
  • To Lure People to Your Website
  • To Get a Better Job
  • To Make Your Business Brisk & Successful
  • To Win in Legal Matters
  • To Meet Your Perfect Mate
  • To Compel an Errant Mate to Return
  • To Purchase a Home
  • To Relieve Poverty
  • To Become Fertile

Discernment Spells

  • To Determine Whether the God/desses Favor Your Spell
  • To Ascertain Whether Someone Gravely Ill Will Recover
  • To Discover Where You Should Relocate
  • To Make a Difficult Choice
  • To Resolve a Dilemma
  • To Reveal the Name & Occupation of Your Future Mate
  • To Learn Your Child's Future Occupation
  • To Know How Faraway Loved Ones Are Faring
  • To Travel Astrally or Communicate Psychically Over Vast Distances
  • To Induce a Trance for Scrying
  • To Gain Second Sight
  • To See Fairies
  • To Reveal the Contents of a Secret
  • To Reveal the Source of a Lie or Rumor
  • To Reveal the Identity of a Thief

Concealment Spells

  • To Protect or Mute a Noisy Party
  • To Dodge Danger While Driving
  • To Conceal Magical Valuables from Thieves
  • To Prevent Detection During Spellwork
  • To Seal a Sacred Space Against Intrusion in Your Absence
  • To Make Yourself Invisible

Repulsion Spells

  • To Dispel a Ghost
  • To Silence an Incessant Talker
  • To Get Rid of Unwanted Guests
  • To Repel Jealousy
  • To Avert the Evil Eye
  • To Banish Bad Luck
  • To Repel Intruders
  • To Detach A Sexual Predator Spirit
  • To Expel an Entity Inhabiting a Device
  • To Banish Pesky Entities from Your Land & Home
  • To Dispel Inner Anger
  • To Negate Hatred Aimed at You
  • To Unjinx Yourself from a Curse Placed On You
  • To Return Bad Deeds to Their Originator
  • To Prevent Pregnancy
  • To Stop Gale, Hail, Fire, Lightning, Flood, & Quake
  • To Avert Imminent, Life-threatening Peril


  • Magical & Medicinal Herbs
  • Common Craft Terms



About the Authors


"Let none stop you, or turn you aside."

— Doreen Valiente, "The Charge of the Goddess"

You’re not alone–the majority of the world’s people believe that it’s neither men nor money that rules the world but magic. Millions continue the age-old tradition of casting goodly spells to achieve health, wealth, peace, strength, and joy in their lives.

Folks who do such spellwork are justifiably proud. Blessed with both common sense and conscience, they need never waver in the certainty of what is and always has been. Many still wish on stars, plant by the Moon, and bid the rain to "go away–come again some other day." They still glory in the innate power of their wind-swept hair and become enchanted when a balefire meshes with the shadows like well-woven cloth. Some of us, ecstatic few, delight that by our own rites, we make the seasons turn and the corn grow tall. We take away colic and lullaby the world to sleep with whispered songs we remember fondly from childhood. Sparkling, ecstatic eyes that mirror moonlight are our most common feature. Like innumerable midwives, Gypsies, and granny doctors who preceded us, spellworkers still thrive, devotedly working hand in hand with the powers of Nature.

Some things change: Cars replace horses, villages succumb to suburbs, and quills acquiesce to computers. But some things are eternal–such as our yen for freedom and fulfillment, our urge to succor the sick, and our ferocious need to protect our young. For thousands of years, while the rich and the mighty have sought to fulfill these needs through money and armies, the common folk have relied on their own wits and spells.

Magic works–it always has and always will. Olde spells "work like a charm" in modern times because they’re based on universal patterns and principles that transcend any particular time or place. Our ancestors phrased these principles in simple, straightforward terms that everyone can understand and use, such as:

  • "like attracts like"–to acquire something, use a spell ingredient that resembles your goal
  • "opposites repel"–to avert a problem, use a spell object that epitomizes its reverse
  • "as above, so below"–all things in the Universe are interconnected parts of a whole.

This perennial wisdom is a source of great power–not for the greedy and the arrogant, but for sensitive, caring people who yearn for a means to truly help themselves, nurture their loved ones, and aid the ecological recovery of their besieged planet.

Spellcraft remains an unbroken, ancestral line of rites celebrating individuals’ peaceful, creative means to thrive. Practicing magic is thrilling beyond compare– the siren lure to sacred power and the pleasure spelling evokes in the human heart are as irresistibly magnetic as the attraction kids have to mud puddles! Proving to yourself that your spells can cut through walls and prison bars; suspend time, space, and the conventional laws of physics; and change your life for the better is extremely empowering. After all, who needs a prince, pope, or preacher when you can privately manifest your utmost desires through spellwork?

Spellcraft is applied spirituality–a soul-stirring mental and physical art that inspires its practitioners to operate by no less than their very highest ideals. Two thousand years of propaganda denying the efficacy of spells have failed to obliterate the people’s innate desire for, and reliance on, magical fixes for life’s daily dilemmas. Spellworkers know–not through blind faith, but by their own, direct magical experience–that the G–few spells succeed without Their aid, insight, or favor.

The magical techniques in this book are presented not as entertainment nor solely for educational purposes. Magic is an authentic spiritual practice best used in tandem with medical, legal, and other reasonable measures.

Our ancestors were practical folk. They demanded demonstrable results from their spellwork–as should you. Thousands of their tried-and-true spells still exist, fairly glittering beneath the scholarly library dust of disuse. These antique treasures are just waiting for you to discover, activate, and use to further your best interests! Many are simple, requiring only one or a handful of easily obtainable ingredients, such as pebbles, eggs, string, fruit peels, and similar items routinely found close at hand. The truth is, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on magic–most of the time, you can find or make everything you’ll need.

There is, however, one secret ingredient in the recipe of every spell. Without it, you cannot unlock the spell’s power. That ingredient is knowledge–magical knowledge. Where can you find such knowledge? Unfortunately–as most seekers soon discover–bookstore shelves are littered with flashy titles that purport to teach magical techniques, but actually provide little within save a smattering of New Age clichés and a jumble of spell recipes requiring obscure or unexplained ingredients. Such books are replete with lists and tables, but void of insight and experience.

As experienced practitioners and teachers of spellcraft, we think such books dilute magic from a state of firewater to the status of stale ale. We’re appalled that such tomes do little but relegate beginners to an unnecessarily superficial knowledge level.

That’s why we’ve filled The Goodly Spellbook with authentic spells and practical anecdotes from our own magical experiences. This book does more than merely reproduce recipes–it clearly and vividly teaches you how to create your own spells so that you can tailor your magic to your own individual needs and circumstances. From thought to word to hand to deed, The Goodly Spellbook shows you how to cast effective spells anywhere, anytime. We’ve compiled tried-and-true spell recipes, both ancient and modern, from our many years of experience and our extensive magical library.

The Goodly Spellbook provides the best kind of spells -- ancient charms based on traditional folk magic, oldies-but-goodies full of spirit-lifting lyrics and thrilling Barbarous Words of Power, simple spells all people can learn to instantly help themselves, their loved ones, and the planet. The spells apply to life today because they address perpetual human desires for love, luck, health, family, friends, prosperity, protection, harmony, fulfillment, intimacy, insight, courage, strength, peace, and joy.

As human needs are many, so spells are very diverse in nature. Most of the spells we offer can be worked by anyone, either alone or with others, regardless of age or sexual orientation; some, however, are traditionally gender specific. We present them all as they have come down to us through time.

Delightfully simple to do, these spells grant you the satisfaction that comes from getting goodly, reliable results from your magical efforts. By actively practicing the spell variations in The Goodly Spellbook, you’ll learn to use multiple forms of magic to rectify modern-day problems and won’t be confined to one magical method.

We’ve arranged The Goodly Spellbook into three easy-to-use parts. If need be, you can turn directly to the Spells section, where we’ve provided hundreds of authentic olde formulas and new ones we’ve designed and used based on olde ways. They’re organized according to persistent, prevalent human needs:

  • to heal
  • to protect
  • to attract something for personal gain or the common good
  • to discern past events, present influences, and future probabilities
  • to conceal things that should remain secret or safe from harm
  • to repel negative onslaught.

These recipes redress timeless difficulties, such as how to become fertile, how to mute a riotous party, how to ensure that your computer never crashes, and how to prevent your car from going kaput at the least opportune moment.

To ensure maximum success in your spellwork, however, we recommend that you provide yourself with a solid foundation in how and why magic works by reading the first two parts of the book. Scope relates the history of spellcraft, the secrets of how spells work, and the ethical application of them in daily life. Skills teaches traditional spellwork basics and ways to create your own spells to remedy modern conundrums. It also explains such things as the secret language of Witches, ancient alphabets, ways to make magical music, and ways to convert your desires from words into powerful picture glyphs.

We list our sources at the end of the book so that you may delve deeper into your magical researches. There you’ll also find a helpful Appendix listing the Magical and Medicinal Herbs required in the Spells section, and Glossary of Common Craft Terms and Ancient Witch Words. Should you read an unfamiliar word, simply consult the appropriate Glossary.

Liberally spiced throughout with Coven Oldenwilde’s magical experiences, The Goodly Spellbook confers a penetrating comprehension of how modern spellcrafters continue to work with the immutable powers of Nature to effect our celebrated feats.

Spellworkers should approach practicing magic with the patience they’d display while learning any other intricate skill, such as gardening, beading, or loom weaving. Consistent, replicable magical ability requires daily practice. Core principles can be taught, but individual flair must be sought. Your magical intention and urgent desire to master the Craft are more crucial to your success than possessing certain Craft tools or expensive spell supplies.

Reject any initial urge to memorize the spell ingredient lists, recipes, or arcane Craft words we provide. Instead, absorb the ways spells are caressed into being from intangible thought forms into physical reality through a mental/physical alchemy that has been practiced successfully since the dawn of time.

Once you’ve learned how simple and easy magic is to do, you’ll be amazed at the wondrous world that opens for you. (You may also feel more than a bit chagrined that you dallied so long in claiming your magical birthright.) The Goodly Spellbook helps you master core spellwork basics and expand your magical potential in limitless ways without becoming overwhelmed or getting bogged down in superfluous trivia. Soon, you’ll swiftly work spells that you once considered complicated– ever perfecting your ability to effect a desired change in your circumstances as the need arises.

Ultimately, The Goodly Spellbook imparts not only magical lore and spell skills, but also the enchanting, lyrical mysticism so rare in spellbooks these days. Immersed in the very real world of magic, you’ll learn to understand spellcraft intuitively, rather than remaining frustratedly curious or at the mercy of acharlatan.

The spellworkers of the world are many, and each person is electric with potential, promise, and wisdom. Our task is, as always, to perpetuate the Olde Ways–proven means by which you can nurture yourself, others, and the planet.

Lady Passion, High Priestess, & *Diuvei, High Priest, Coven Oldenwilde